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  • mindola By  mindola    

    I have often used all purpose sprays to clean my stainless steel. I thought that was as good as it gets, but I was wrong. This stainless steel cleaner really makes a difference! Helps my surface be streak free and smudge free, while removing dirt and grease. We now keep it stocked in our cleaning closet.

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  • ClaudiaSpeaks By  ClaudiaSpeaks    

    Works Great!

    My stainless steel appliances look amazing even with 3 kids!

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  • tdalton83 By  tdalton83    

    Removes finger prints

    I love this stuff. It really makes my kitchen appliances shine!

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  • Lustrae By  Lustrae    

    Greasy Overspray

    This works, but watch out for overspray. You can get greasy overspray on unwanted surfaces. I have started to spray this on a paper towel over my trash can, then polishing the stainless surface.

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  • crlsmth01 By  crlsmth01    

    Buy this product.

    I love this product it helps to clean and shine my kitchen. It also helps to protect from dirt and grime. Makes cleaning the next time much easier. If you have chrome in the kitchen you need this.

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  • jeabrown By  jeabrown    

    I use this on my dishwasher and refrigerator. I get a white film on the SS after using this. I have to let it sit for a bit and then wipe it down again to clear the film off. It takes some polishing to clear off all of the fingerprints. I haven't found a better product so I still use it.

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  • MeandMyPinkMixer By  MeandMyPinkMixer    

    I use this product weekly on my kitchen appliances. It works beautifully on stainless steel - removing finger prints, dirt, etc. Wipes off nicely with a soft cloth to keep them bright and shiny!

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  • jennyksmith84 By  jennyksmith84    

    great cleaning

    great cleaning and leaves a beautiful product without much streaking

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  • Newmommy6315 By  Newmommy6315    

    I love this product it is so easy to wipe it I take a paper towel after to shine it up because it can leave a white film sometimes but after that it shines!

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  • mperked By  mperked    

    great for all your stainless stell products

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  • Southern-girl By  Southern-girl    

    Amazing product adds a shint to my stove top. Wipes off easily worth buying

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  • shrout319 By  shrout319    

    It does an amazing job. It makes the stainless steel spotless and look brand new.

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  • katfos By  katfos    

    Works great! I use this to shine my stainless steel. It is easy to apply and wipe off and it removes finger prints and smudges!

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  • staceyannmarie By  staceyannmarie    

    Works beautifully on stainless.Does a great job of polishing the plastic area most dishwashers have too,makes the plastic look like new.I even polished a black coffee maker with this and it hid scuffs on plastic and made it look shiny and new.Have used it on old laminate counters to renew the shine also and really improved the appearance of just about everything I have used it on.

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