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  • Beverlyjade By  Beverlyjade    

    Best vitamins

    These are the vitamins I have been favoring lately. I like these vitamins because they are easy to chew and to swallow and they taste just like candy. These vitamins do not have a vitamin taste and do not leave an aftertaste in your mouth either. I would definitely recommend these.

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  • Mtoole By  Mtoole    

    I don't know about anyone else but vitamins make me nauseous sometimes. These do not. I love them and it's like eating gummy bears.

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  • Mhanna416 By  Mhanna416    

    Gummie vitamins

    Great tasting gummies, my parents used to buy them and I do to now! Easy to chew and always remember to take them. Like starting he say with candy

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  • Meaganalora By  Meaganalora    

    Great taste!

    This vitamins taste really good and are easy to chew! I really feel proactive taking these vitamins & look forward to maintaining a healthy immune system.

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  • SweetPea83 By  SweetPea83    

    I like the vitafusion brand as well as one a days. I love the gummies to take for my health! Makes it funner and yummier. :)

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  • gmitsch By  gmitsch    

    I love these simply because pill form vitamins do not agree with my stomach (to put it lightly). These always manage to 'stay down' so I am sure I am at least getting the vitamin's benefits! The nostalgia of gummy candy doesn't hurt, either...

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  • linkage7 By  linkage7    

    good multi vitamins

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  • creativeblogmom By  creativeblogmom    

    Perfect for me. I don't like swallowing pills, so I end up slacking off. These taste good and seem like a treat.

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  • LoriR13 By  LoriR13    

    Gummy vitamins are the only vitamins I can take that don't upset my stomach. These taste good and have nice health benefits.

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  • cfreemanfl By  cfreemanfl    

    They are YUMMY!

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  • ezgoingmom By  ezgoingmom    

    These were good. They taste good. They were just like candy. They were fun to eat

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  • vanessa2014 By  vanessa2014    

    Super yummy and good for you. Better than swallowing a pill.

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  • normajeanmonroe By  normajeanmonroe    

    I always buy this variety of gummy vitamins. I hate having to swallow pills every morning but these are easy to chew and encourages me to take my vitamins everyday.

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  • michelle515 By  michelle515    

    These taste great, sometimes I forget they are vitamins. I have tried other gummy vitamins and they usually have a rubbery taste. These don't and they encourage me to take them everyday.

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  • saharnoori1 By  saharnoori1    

    has prok

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