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  • bubblegumpop By  bubblegumpop    

    I needed to start taking calcium per my doctor , but knew I would never be able to swallow those gigantic pills everyday . Vitafusion calcium chews were just what I needed . I take two every day . They taste great ( wish they had way less sugar on them ) no after taste in my mouth .The only thing I have to worry about is making sure I have an extra bottle around incase I run out .

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  • cdbfdb87 By  cdbfdb87    

    Although the flavors tasted good, it was all the sugar that was at the bottom of the jar that was annoying. Spilling out every time you turned the jar to get one out.

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  • Jennie1512 By  Jennie1512    

    I love this brand. It tastes amazing but has a slight after taste.

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  • idevasir By  idevasir    

    I love this brand because it tastes great.

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  • jb4given By  jb4given    

    Just picked this up at BJ's last week. I love them. So easy to take. I like the taste and texture.

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  • Katiek By  Katiek    

    The idea is great- make something easier to take than big calcium pills! However, these taste "off," they are very sweet and have an odd texture. If you can get over that, then this is a great way to get your daily dose of Ca.

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  • JessicaLD1 By  JessicaLD1    

    I have had these in the past but have not been buying them regularly. Need to start buying them again.

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  • mynishantha By  mynishantha    

    Now, THIS is the way to get my daily Calcium Fix! Instead of taking those very large "get stuck in your throat" Calcium pills, what a fun and tasty way to ensure I am getting my bone support with Vitamin D each day! I tried the white chocolate, vanilla bean, and chocolate flavors (all in one bottle), and I am sticking with them! I truly wish I had found these a few years ago, but I am so happy I have them now.

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