SHESPEAKS Your Power to Influence

Tips for Making a Video

Making this video should be fun. We want it to both reflect your personality and your experience as a SheSpeaks member. Here are a few tips to help you get started. We can’t wait to see the final cut!

Step One - Lights
You will need a well lit environment. Use about 2-3 times more lighting than you would normally use to light up the room. Try to keep the lighting even- a lamp on either side of you, for example. Try removing lamp shades from lamps for brighter light.
If you’re using a webcam, try to remember to look at the camera and not yourself. It’s also a good idea to include any product you might be talking about in the frame with you.
Step Two - Camera
Make sure you have a digital video camera with voice recording . Just be sure to keep your camera stable and try to avoid any background noise. If you are using a Webcam, we suggest using "Photobooth" for a Mac and "Windows Movie Maker" for a PC. That’s all the equipment you will need.
Step Three - Action
Please speak in full sentences. When using a Webcam make sure to speak in a clear, loud voice; louder than you normally would. Get creative: shoot products or coupons, boxes or whatever you’d like to demonstrate your SheSpeaks experience. The video should be 1-2mins length.
Step Four - Share
Please upload your video to


Some Hints to Get Things Rolling:

Feel free to prompt yourself with the questions below. It might help to have an off camera friend call-out the questions. The trick is to answer questions in complete sentences by restating the question on camera.

For a video about a product: Start off with a strong statement about the product---that you love it or don’t. Then follow up with a few constructive reasons why. Here are some questions that might help you round out your review:


Flip Camera Customer Service:

If you are using a Flip Camera, Flip Video has 24/7 online customer support. Please go to for help with your technical support needs.