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Looks like a great website for tracking intake of food. will have to start using this

I used this once for several months before I fell off the healthy eating wagon. It did seem to be a very useful tool for tracking what you eat. Very helpful!

Used if for over a year. Think it is easy to track consumption - developed coaching groups that worked in support.

Great site! Calorie counter, fitness and moral support!!! You can't ask for anything else and to top it all off it's free!

Talk about keeping yourself motivated and organized!!

I love this site too.

i have been looking for something like this ... for quite sometime now. i am trying to lose some baby weight & i really would love to have this website and the best part is it's free !!! thanks to whoever posted it

I love this site. Been using for a while.

Wow, this is an awesome site. I am going to use this regularly to aid in my weight loss goals. Since my gym membership just ran out, this is a great find!It may be a little consuming in the beginning but you can save foods you eat regularly so I think it will definitely be easier even tomorrow. I really like the breakdown of how many more calories you can eat for weight loss, how much of your diet is fat, protein, carbs, etc.

I cannot begin to tell you what a gem this website is. It's wonderful. Last year I lost 14 lbs, by tracking my food and fitness that I did at home. No gym membership, no costly monthly fee for learning to "diet", no meetings but all will power. This site has it all, for free you can track your food, track your weight loss, see how many calories you burn when you work out by doing simple exercises or just by shopping! You can track everything. A yearly membership to the site, if you choose the gold option is $45 a year! I used this site all last year for free, this year I decided to support it with a gold membership because it works. I learned to eat healthier, which was really important to me. I didn't want to have to buy specific foods or follow a point program. I wanted to eat what is available and just track calories. I can't say enough about this site, it's just perfect for those that want to learn to live, not "diet" or be forced to learn a completely difficult way of eating. If you want something easy - this is it. You can do it for free and lose as much weight as you want. Some people use it just to track their sodium or carbs. I recommend it to all my friends. One warning, like everything you need to be motivated to lose weight, but is a great tool to help anyone transform their health, but you got to want it!