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  • tml129 By  tml129    

    Kind of dull website. Needs more interesting information.

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  • bluegemini10 By  bluegemini10    

    IT ddoesn't look interesting

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  • ballerine_avec_ardeur By  ballerine_avec_ardeur    

    I am in love with this web site! This is for the intense fashion lovers only! The easiest way to tell you was is on the site is to make a list: - Every fashion show in the world - Backstage every fashion show - upcoming trends often a year in advance - Second to Second updates on all things fashion - Celebrity style - Children fashion - Fashion Forecasts - Street events - trade shows - Material - Accessories - Vintage - Webinars - Fashion shopping world wide - Designers to watch - traveling - Designer tools - blogs - Image library - live events - Showrooms - insight to jobs and internships As a fashion student i received this with my schooling. I am in love with it and have depended on it so much that I will put out the $100 a year one day when I am out of school and In the industry on my own. If you are into fashion, This is 100% worth it!!!! The picture included is a sample of what you will see there.

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