SHESPEAKS Your Power to Influence

 Making this video should be fun. We want it to both reflect your personality and your experience as a member. Here are a few tips to help you get started. We can’t wait to see the final cut! 

 Step One - Lights, camera…

Make sure you have a digital video camera with voice recording and a well-lit environment.  That’s all the equipment you’ll need.  

FilmDirectorsChairStep Two - Action!

Please speak in full sentences. Get creative:  shoot products or coupons or gift boxes or whatever you’d like to demonstrate your SheSpeaks experience.  The video should be about 3 minutes in length. If you also have photos of your SheSpeaks experience that you want to share as well, please email them or upload to your favorite photo sharing site and email with details. We will request your permission before using any videos or photos.

Step Three – Thank you for sharing!

Please upload your video to your favorite video sharing website, (Facebook, Youtube, Motionbox , etc) and send us a link to the video at Please type “Video” in the subject line of your email or invite SheSpeaks to your group. 

We would love to have these videos by 3/18 so start your reel now because for the first five members whose videos are chosen to represent the SheSpeaks member experience will win an exclusive prize worth $379!

Here are some sample clips:




Some hints to get things rolling...

Feel free to prompt yourself with the questions below. It might help to have an off camera friend call-out the questions. Here is an example of what we’re looking for:

Question: What inspired you to become a member of She Speaks?

Your on-camera response: "I became a member of SheSpeaks because of my desire to make a difference..."

The trick is to answer questions in complete sentences by restating the question in your answer.

Some suggested questions for inspiration:

*  Tell us about yourself

*  What inspired you to become a member of SheSpeaks?

*  What’s the SheSpeaks experience like?

* How does the process work, from sign up to feedback?

*  What was your favorite SheSpeaks moment?

*  How does SheSpeaks impact your life?

*  How does SheSpeaks change the way you feel about products you tested?

*  Describe one of your favorite SheSpeaks projects.  What was the product?

*  What was your feedback about the product? How was your opinion formed?  Did you share it?

*  How do you share your opinions with your peers? (How do you get the word out?)

*  What’s your favorite thing about being involved with SheSpeaks ?

*  How does it make you feel to know your voice is heard?

*  Do you think you really have influence?





The SheSpeaks Team