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Sink, Swim, Or Help Someone Else

on Mar 31, 2010: One very important argument to what this "study" shows- What about 9/11? I'm pretty sure I heard about MANY people who helped each other out at the risk of losing their own lives. I don't think they had much time to process any of what was happening and they acted in many selfless ways. We aren't…

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Couple Starves Baby While Playing A Video Game

on Mar 31, 2010: I would say almost anything, if its being used as a method of escape from emotinal pain, boredom, depression, reality, etc., definitely has a good chance of becoming addictive. The internet has many, many options for people wanting to escape and/or lose themselves in a different reality. From porn…

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Pizza for Breakfast, Anyone?

on Mar 31, 2010: If Dora the Explorer was endorsing tomatos, the kids would have known what they were. Schools carry the unhealthy junk endorsed by companies who can easily manipulate children. I think we have to regain control and expect children to respect our decisions. When I was a kid, I REFUSED to eat my veg…