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Is Hand Sanitizer Use In Schools the Way to Go To Rid Kids of Germs?

on Oct 06, 2014: Hand sanitizer is a wonderful substitution but I prefer my children to wash with soap and warm water. I think teachers should still encourage children to use soap and not focus so much on hand sanitizer.

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Enter the SheSpeaks Keurig Coffeemaker Giveaway

on Oct 06, 2014: I like my flavored coffee where as my husband likes his plain black coffee. This makes it difficult to share a pot of coffee with him.

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Enter the DripDrop Giveaway to Receive Two Boxes of DripDrop and A $50 CVS Gift Card

on Oct 06, 2014: My husband is a U.S. Marine, which keeps him very active. I think not only would Drip Drop come in handy for him but it would also come in handy for my busy lifestyle. I am always busy with my three girls and sometimes I forget to hydrate enough.