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Your Monthly Chocolate Craving: Is it All in Your Head?

on Aug 25, 2012: This is true i think that women just want it and actually don't crave it. So to me there is a deference between a want and a craven. When I'm on my cycle i don't want to eat most of the time because of cramps so Chocolate is the last on my mind.

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Where's the Bacon? College Bans Pork to Promote Healthier Eating

on Aug 25, 2012: they should I stopped pork some time ago it's just not healthy.

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"I Do"...Now Pass the Champagne

on Aug 25, 2012: I think this article is true I have been around plenty of married friends, that drink way more than me and then looks at me funny because I'm not drinking. So yes not all but some married women drink more than their single friends i think because their stress levels are higher.