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Hormel Compleats Kids Macaroni & Beef

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Hormel Compleats Kids Pasta & Chicken

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Kids Scale Back For Santa This Year

on Dec 15, 2009: this is very sad to see it this year. my 9 yo son had a very mosest christmas list this year and after talking to his bff mother her son has only asked for 2 things. I didnt look at it like this for him. poor guys =( we will have to have a heart to heart. I thought It was just part of him gro…

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What Do Your Favorite Comfort Foods Say About You?

on Nov 18, 2009: yummy yummy this post is making my stomach growl. I love baked goods and choco chip cookies. and cheese always makes everything taste better. i am also a huge fan of chips and dip. any chip any dip. i love love love buffallo chicken dip. yumm!!

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Vaccinating The Nation

on Oct 02, 2009: the video above is extremly insightful. thanks for sharing.