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Bath & Body Works Twilight Woods

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Dec 14, 2009 : I love this smell! It's very refreshing and not to strong.

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Melt The Stress Away From The Comfort Of Your Home

on Feb 16, 2010: I wouldn't participate in this type of program at all. I would rather spend my money on a spa day because I that would leave me less stressed than taking a class online.
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Will You Be Tweeted This Valentine's Day?

on Feb 11, 2010: I don't really see a problem with it. I think it is actually a great idea!
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Keeping It Hush Hush

on Feb 04, 2010: I think that this is a horrible idea! I agree with this being animal abuse!! I don't think in any way that this is beneficial to a dog. People should think about the responsibilities of getting dog before they actually go out and buy one so that this type of situation never happens in the first…
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