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Scandal On Sesame Street

on Oct 04, 2010: Even if Katy Perry was dressed in a turtle neck with a skirt down to her ankles it was an awkward (to say the least) video to watch. Not sure what educational message is being taught. It was a bad segment and not really note worthy, this seems like some good publicity for Ms. Perry though. We ar…

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Breast Milk Cheese: The Latest In Fine Dining?

on Apr 19, 2010: I agree with Devon206 Let people make their own choices. My husband thinks escargot is disgusting but I love it. My Mother in Law wont step foot in a japanese shushi bar because the thought or raw fish makes her yack. My best friend wont eat jams and jeyys cause she thinks its wrong to cook fru…

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Will Taxing Soda And Pizza Solve The Obesity Epidemic?

on Apr 19, 2010: Here's an economic twist- What would happen to the loss of income to those in the business of servicing pizza or other such food that are to be heavily taxed? I am not a huge advocate of policing the people. I dont like sneaky forms of control. But thats as far as I can complain since I dont know…