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The List You Can?t Afford To Live Without

on Jul 24, 2007: We have to be dilegent about our health. I know that many times when I go in for my annual exam and voice these concerns I am not always taken seriously. If you feel that something isn't right you have to stand up for yourself and do not get intimidated by doctors. You are the only one that kno…

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The Proof Is Not Always In The Pudding

on Jul 19, 2007: Thank goodness science has verified what I've suspected all along. I'm definitely carrying two copies of the FTO. So now what? I know more diet and exercise. It's a hard pill to swallow but I have to admit to myself that I need to dramatically change my lifestyle to combat this problem. Does a…

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Hope When Hopeless

on Jul 15, 2007: How do you know if it's depression or just a bad time in your life? After getting divorced, dealing with teenagers and generally getting older who wouldn't feel a little sad? Aside from suicidal thoughts I have had or have some or all of the symptoms at some point. But I don?t think I am clinic…