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Summer Shapewear: Sleek Wardrobe Secrets

on Jul 22, 2009: It seems like they only make shapewear for skinny people, the ones who need it least. Real, average sized, women do not have many options. I am a size 14 (which is average) with a large chest. I need all the help I can get but can't find anything in my size and there is nothing available with e…

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The Tyson Tragedy

on Jul 22, 2009: As a safety conscious mom, my rule is that kids should not be around whenever anything with a motor is running. Fingers, clothing and even arms and legs can be pulled into moving parts so quickly. When I use my treadmill, I keep my kids in the next room where I can see them, but blocked off from…

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How Old Is Too Old To Drive?

on Jul 22, 2009: States definitely need to test every couple of years after age 60. Vision and reaction time become factors for driving safety as people age. I see many elderly people who can't even see over the steering wheel. Every time I have a near miss on the road, the driver who almost hits me or pulls ou…