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We Secretly Want More Than The Salad

on Sep 07, 2009: I wonder if the results would be different if they studied married couples. When I am with my husband I think I eat the same amount as I normally do.

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Missing Child Comes Home

on Sep 07, 2009: It is possible that the wife is also a victim here and if that is the case I do not think she should be held responsible. However if she is not a victim then she is obviously completely demented and should be held just as accountable as her sick husband.

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Salvage That Perfect Pair Of Jeans

on Sep 07, 2009: I also think it seems like a waste of money unless you buy really expensive jeans. I generally try to keep my jeans at least under $40 and, although I am not a master seamstress, I can sew well enough to mend my jeans.