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5 Tips & 5 Giveaways to Improve Your Sleep

on Jan 11, 2012: I like to read in bed for about a half hour or till my eyes are too heavy to stay open and then I turn out the lights. We have a foam mattress and pillows so we are nice and comfy for sleep. This time of year we have a nice thick down comforter too and it helps us stay nice and warm.

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Top 10 Couponing Myths Debunked

on Dec 13, 2011: I just wanted to let you know that #3 is wrong. BJ's Wholesale Club takes coupons. They even mail out their own monthly and have sheets of coupons at the store entrance plus they put out a quarterly magazine loaded with coupons. You can stack too. We buy a ton of things at BJs because of the aweso…

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Relax & Share to Win One of 5 Cool Gadgets

on Oct 05, 2011: I try to find about 20-30 minutes to do yoga. Usually while my daughters at school and my son is just going down for his nap. I put him in his crib, change in to my yoga clothes put the tv on for a yoga video... I love it becuse i feel so relaxed and better for having worked out too.