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Would You Leave Your Kids At The Park Alone?

on Jun 10, 2010: I would not leave my children alone at that age at ALL! Don't get me wrong, i trust my kids, but its everyone else i don't trust!!!

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They Want You To Light Up

on Jun 10, 2010: I have been a smoker since i turned 19 and at the age of 18 the fact that i could now legally smoke never crossed my mind and let me tell you i was a child brought up on TV where these ads blare up all over the place. We live in a day and age where not only are smoking ads blared in our faces but …

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Can You Be Makeup Free?

on Jun 10, 2010: i use to not wear makeup and then i got into it when my husband deployed, it gave me something to do. i never wore makeup to work so it wouldn't have bothered me then but now is probably a different story. i never leave the house without at LEAST eyeliner, liquid lipstick, and eyeshadow! Its not a…