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Coffee! Coffee! Coffee!

on Aug 11, 2011: I miss Dunkin Donuts! I left NY for California, and then moved to Washington. There are NO Dunkin Donuts out here. I was super excited yesterday when I found out about the DD KCups, but you have to buy them in the stores. My husband and I are going to start getting our East Coast members to tra…

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How to Look Like a Million Dollars Without Spending It

on Aug 11, 2011: I purchased a $380 little black dress for $40 in a Filene's when I lived in NYC. I cannot imagine paying $380 for anything, and while the $40 is a little pricey compared to most "sales' steals. it was a store in Union Square (New York markups) and it was a FRACTION of the actual price of the dress.

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More Women Pass On Motherhood

on Jul 12, 2010: I'm glad to read the posts above. My husband and I talked about not having children on our first date. We don't feel compelled to have kids, to pass on our names or genes. There are too many children who need right now, and we can't feed, house, medicate, clothe and educate them. For those mot…