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Melissa & Doug Floor Puzzle

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Dec 03, 2011 : I gave my two year old the Melissa & Doug Floor Puzzle this past Christmas. She loves it. The puzz…

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It's a ???: Parents Decide To Keep Their Child's Gender a Secret

on Nov 10, 2011: They are using their child to make a statement. Let the kid be a kid and not a soap box for them to stand on! It's ok to be a boy, it's ok to be a girl. It's ok for a kid to grow up and be ok with the gender he/she was born with. I know in today's society that's not cool or trendy but it's true.
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The Mom Who Forgot To Pay

on Nov 10, 2011: Wow! That is terrible. I have totally walked out without paying for items, unintentionally! You are busy, distracted, worried about your kid. It happened a lot when my toddler was in the front of the buggy and my infant in her carrier in the basket of the buggy. Things would roll under and I would…
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Share & Win Holiday Decorations for the Home

on Nov 10, 2011: Well I'm still learning but my trick to fill my room is to check our the $1 stores in the area. You would be surprised at what you can find. Not everything is a winner but you can find beautiful ribbons, nice stockings, glass ornaments etc. I also pick things up at after holiday sales and not just…
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