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Shopping For A Different Kind Of Genes

on Jul 09, 2008: Usually when a business deals in volume, can't these people bring the cost of the testing way down? If it does become more affordable i'd get it done. Our family history on both sides is kinda scary, and even with stress tests some of my realatives died in thier 40's of heart attacks. Would and co…

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Will the Pill Really Make it All Better

on Jul 09, 2008: Kinda silly, ain't it?? As many years as i've had raising kids, i've found one sure thing, u can't always be sure when they're "faking" an illness. I've come to trust what they say about how they feel. With no fevor, or any symtoms have had a child say they don't feel well... and lo and behold the…

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SheSpeaks Says Good Morning America!

on Jul 09, 2008: OPI's Nic sticks sound like a product i'd like to try. For those of you who already used this product, does it seem to be more durable than the usual types of nail polish? Chip less? The fact that u can do touchups so easily is what interested me.