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Paper or Plastic?

on Jun 30, 2007: I use the paper bags from the store to put my recyclables in when the truck picks them up. I recently went to IKEA, and they now require a 5cent donation if you want to use a bag. The money goes to a company that plants trees to counter the effects of the plastic. I couldn't believe that people …

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No Impact Man

on Jun 30, 2007: I saw a tv interview with them and it was very interesting. As far as toilet paper, I believe they said they just go without. Don't think I could go that far. The man agreed that it was very extreme, but it was more so to prove the point that if everyone tried to cut back on their waste it woul…

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No Shot Required

on Jun 30, 2007: This would be so terrific if it were to work! As a diabetic, the less shots I have to deal with the better! Hopefully we won't have to wait too long for this new technology. All too often the hype ends up better than the actual product when we hear about it in the developmental stages. The glu…