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These Classic Toys Will Have You Feeling Nostalgic. Plus, Enter Our #SheSpeaksClassicToys Giveaway

on Apr 20, 2019: Lincoln Logs and Easy Bake Oven!!! Just reading those words, brought back soo many memories. I wouldn't mind having them right now as an adult. My 7 yr old daughter has her own now as well. Take up more space than the original ones, but all worth it.

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Chocolate Eggs & Jelly Beans: Win a Basket of Sweet Treats in the #SheSpeaksSweet Giveaway

on Apr 20, 2019: My entire family absolutely loves Cadbury eggs this time of year!! I also use them to make unique recipes and incorporate the cadbury in to them. We also love peanut and chocolate together! Thankfully, Reeses are always in our home year round. The kids also take their chocolate they get and di…

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Enter the SheSpeaks Pumpkin Pandemonium Giveaway

on Oct 16, 2014: Anything with pumpkin, I love it! Soo many delicious recipes that my family makes during this season, too many to mention