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Will Ellen Be As "Nice" As Paula?

on Jan 08, 2010: I don't watch AI but I do think Ellen will bring some levity to the panel. I do watch So You Think You Can Dance and she was a guest judge on there and she was so fun!

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Women's Working Woes Blamed on a Failing Economy

on Nov 20, 2008: I had been hired to work at home as a reservationist for a major hotel chain and had 7 weeks of onsite training and the first day of the 5th week of training the General Manager came in and let all of the training classes go because of the economy. I was so sad, this was the first job I had in 2…

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Moving In Together, Is It A Good Move?

on Aug 26, 2008: I didn't live with my husband of almost 30 years before we were married. I have a 23 yr old daughter so I'll base my opinion with that in mind, if she wanted to live with her BF I wouldn't be opposed. I definitly think it would teach her a little more about people and life, the good and the bad…