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Enter the SheSpeaks Useless Jargon Giveaway

on Jan 14, 2015: I hate "It is what it is"...sometimes that is just a cop out for not wanting to try to change things. And it seems like people have been saying it FOREVER now. LOL.

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Enter the #FebrezeHoliday Giveaway For A Chance To Win A $50 Walmart Gift Card

on Nov 13, 2014: sugared cranberry would be my favorite and would remind me of my mom's cooking and just be very festive and feel like the holidays are on their way. I love how accurate the scents that Febreeze has are and always enjoy trying new ones.

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Hospitals to Keep Baby Formula Under Lock and Key

on Aug 14, 2012: it is a personal decision. some can't even when they try. no one should make them feel worse than they already do by making it a big deal to get formula.