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#12DaysOfSheSpeaks Day 1: Win a Timeless Fine Jewelry My Story Collection Long Diamond Bar Pendant

on Dec 02, 2016: My daughter! She is so beautiful and more importantly she is kind, funny, brilliant, and has such an enormous heart. I would just love to shower her with this gorgeous piece that would be perfect for prom. What girl doesn't like diamonds?

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Are Leggings Inappropriate For School? One Teen Sends A Message After Being Told To Change

on Feb 19, 2016: I don't think that leggings are meant to worn as pants. Leggings are way to thin. Most times you can see the persons underwear. Yes wear leggings if you have a long tunic or a short dress. Leggings are not inappropriate for school as long as they are worn with something that covers areas of the bo…

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Watch Kayli Butler's Walmart Haul & Enter our #BeautyYourFamilyTrusts Giveaway

on Feb 19, 2016: I have never heard of the Aussie Miracle conditioner. My hair gets dry and my daughter gets split ends. It would be nice to have a condition that helps both issues.