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Flip-Flop Wearers Beware

on Jul 18, 2008: I really do agree with this, my hips have been bothering me more than normal. Hey, but if you wear heels then you get bunions, so what one is worse?

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Another Year, Another Yearly Exam

on Feb 27, 2008: I have had trouble with displasia in the past and know how important the annual pap test is. I am looking for a provider in the Syracuse area for my mother to have the pap, mammogram, and also bone density test done in one visit. Anyone with information I would appreciate this.

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Bringing Back the Butterflies

on Feb 26, 2008: I truly agree, when being in a long term relationship you lear what will make it sizzle or fizzle. Your likes, and dislikes, I think both parties need to bend over for the other at times. Honesty is also so important.