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The Latest Couture In The Maternity Ward

on May 11, 2009: I am due next week with #3 I think they have changed sooo much since my first pregnancy 4 years ago. I also received some hand me downs with my 1st preg and the style was horrid!!! Even the few years before- Very matronly. I saw so many cute things I wanted to get this time- but financially it d…

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Is Breast Always Best?

on Apr 09, 2009: I BFed both of my children over a year- never used a bottle and only pumped if I was engorged due to Mastitis. I am due with #3 in a few weeks and plan to do the same with him. I would not trade the bonding time I had with my kids for anything!!! My kids are both 95th percentile in height and a…

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A New Life After Neglect

on Mar 13, 2009: Oh my god this is horrible!! I can't believe a mother could do this. It is unbelievable that there were no consequences for her actions.