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Rubbermaid Premier 12 Piece Storage Set

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12 Days of SheSpeaks, Day 1: Win a Philips AirFryer!

on Dec 14, 2019: I would love to be able to make my own chicken wings and french fries without all the fat and grease. We stopped eating most of those types of foods entirely and having an air fryer would allow us to eat them again without all the "bad" effects of the normal way to cook them

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12 Days of SheSpeaks, Day 6: Win a Philips Smoke-less Indoor Grill!

on Dec 14, 2019: We love to grill hamburgers, chicken and steak but our grill died and then we bought a flat top instead but now I miss the grill marks and the flavors you get from grilling.

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Nike's New Mannequins Send Message of Inclusivity and Diversity in Women's Sports

on Jun 17, 2019: It is about time, not everyone is a size 2. People of every shape and size exercise and not everyone ends up skinny just because they hit the gym 5 times a week. So many factors shape our bodies, some of it is luck and some of it is feeling good in our own skin. I exercise daily but I can tell …