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Oprah's Chicken Giveaway : Philanthropy or Hypocrisy?

on May 28, 2009: While PETA talks big about how we all should do so much to save the animals, they actually do nothing... they make NO donations to any rescues, habitat preservations or any organization or program that actually does something besides talk ~~Personally I think humans have canine teeth for a reas…

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Foreclosed Homes For The Homeless

on Apr 28, 2009: I have to agree with the previous comments... If they can't offer the same deal to the families that originally had the house & those facing foreclosure; then they should not be offering it to anyone. Sounds like a couple of organizations that need to be sued & their higher ups put in jail. That'…

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For His Eyes Only

on Apr 17, 2009: It sounds like a neat idea... just a suggestion for anybody doing it... make sure you get the negatives.. if a digital is used you want the storage card. Wouldn't hurt to have in the contract that the photographer verifies they are keeping no type of copy of the photo in any form.