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Nike Women's No Show Socks

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Calvin Klein Plus Size Jeans

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Introducing "Clear Coffee" To Avoid Coffee-Stained Teeth. Enter Our Starbucks #CoffeeGiveaway!

on Apr 19, 2017: WHAT!! this is insane! Clear Coffee?? I like my coffee black with Almond milk

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Spring #SheSpeaksMusts: Waffle Pops, Oprah & a Perfect Mother's Day Gift! Win Prizes From the List!

on Apr 19, 2017: I love NAIL POLISH OBSESSED!! Please pick me to win I want the Unicorn polish, so pretty!

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Pregnant? A Little Wine Won't Hurt

on Oct 26, 2010: I have never been pregnant but my friend who is a doctor had 2 healthy babies while drinking a glass of RED wine occasionally.