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Schools Help Parents Save Big

on Oct 09, 2008: I do not agree with uniforms, it can help parents with buying new clothes each year or it won't. If you have a child that grows each year, you are still spending money. I also think that I would not want my child to then use those clothes to play in, which would cost me more money since I would ha…

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Going Blue

on Sep 17, 2008: I do think that she is honoring her family. I also think that with a family such as hers it is hard not to want to do the same thing. We all have to live on this planet, we should all try and protect it. Go whatever color you need to, Green or Blue...or Fushia for that matter, so long as you are…

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Stop the Mad "Makeover"

on Sep 09, 2008: I enjoyed this article. It makes sense. Very informative.