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A Heartbroken Mother Changes The Rules

on Jun 09, 2009: Sure it's horrible to hear someone's death especially those of a loved one. This bill may help those who are the victim's kin but I guess it's NOT going to be that easy. I guess still depends on the people on how they accept the news.

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The Tyson Tragedy

on Jun 03, 2009: I heard about this news. It's just so terrible for a playful child to meet such an accident. I think it's purely accidental, she really shouldn't have played with the treadmill. With the exercise equipment, I guess it's better parents keep it in a room in which children aren't allowed to enter w…

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Women Give Big

on Jun 02, 2009: I haven't realized it then, but i guess that's very true. I have a lot of girl friends who is really very generous. Even in my case, I usually donated some money at some local charities. :)