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Enter The #BehindClosedDoors and @SheSpeaksUp Book Lovers Giveaway!

on Sep 16, 2016: I looove to read! I'm seeing comments already about how this book is, to see women not ask for the product is great! I wish libraries were able to get brand new just as often as stores to help with adding variety.

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When Dress Code Violation Crosses the Line To Body Shaming

on Sep 10, 2016: Teachers and school staff need to worry if a child seems starved or has unexplainable bruises. Uts nobody's right to say what a child can't wear unless it's revealing personal areas, and neither outfit was doing that. Its sad that So many people and places are become common in judging and being vo…

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Pumpkin Spice: Is Everything Nice? Check Out Our Taste-Test & Enter To Win! #PumpkinSpiceGiveaway

on Sep 10, 2016: I've tried the Pumpkin Spice Latte for the first time at a chain coffee shop and I've been disappointed. The price was too high, when all got was burnt coffee the first time and no pumpkin flavor the second time. I have also tried a pumpkin spice yogurt (store brand) and i was shocked that it was …