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Check Out the Oscar Nominees & Enter to Win a $200 Gift Card for Movie-Themed Swag #SheSpeaksOscar

on Feb 22, 2018: I'm really looking forward to "The Shape of Water".

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Avoid the Summer "I'm Bored!" Blues with a #SheSpeaksSummer Games Giveaway!

on Jun 08, 2017: I also agree with the summer reading program at the library. That's always been one of my favorite ways to spend a summer.

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New Smartwatch Can Coach Those Who Have a Hard Time Reading Social Cues

on Jun 08, 2017: I think this is a wonderful idea. Although I don't know anyone like this personally, the first thing I thought when I read the article was that this would be perfect for someone like Sheldon Cooper. I like the idea of making it as an ordinary wristwatch; that way the person using it doesn't feel s…