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Bringing Back the Butterflies

on Jul 21, 2008: long-term romance? i'd settle for short-term dating. the couples from these long-lasting marriages need to give men (who am i kidding; they're not men, they're BOYS!) in their 20s some lessons on dating and how to treat women they're interested in! here's a hint: taking me to a bar is not a date.…

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New Hope through Hypnosis

on Jul 21, 2008: i think studies like this have the unfortunate side effect of adding to the "mind over matter" mystique surrounding illness recovery and disability. if women can be hypnotized into having a shorter recovery time, this sends a message implying that the pain of recovery can be overcome by sheer will…

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Will the Pill Really Make it All Better

on Jul 21, 2008: i agree. this is irresponsible and lazy. kids are already over-medicated as it is--we send the message that anything bad (or even just DIFFERENT) can be fixed with a pill. there are other ways to soothe kids' booboos and tummy aches than with a pill. we had a booboo bunny at my house--just an ice …