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The Luster of Pearls

on Jun 13, 2013: There's nothing more elegant than Pearls around a woman's neck...My dad designed a lovely necklace when I graduated High School and it has a pearl...then another time he purchased a beautiful pearl necklace with matching earrings for my 40th Birthday. A man who had good taste!

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Holiday Traditions: Classic, New and Chances to Win

on Nov 19, 2012: Torani Teasers! The possibilities are endless!

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Share Your Holiday Traditions to Win

on Dec 08, 2011: Christmas Eve my husband of 27 years and I order Chinese Take our and watch "A Christmas Story"...just so fun and out of the box! As we've aged so many of our family members are no longer with us...this has helped us to enjoy Christmas with a sense of humor. dinburg