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Paula Deen "In Bad Taste"?

on Jan 20, 2012: I adore Paula Deen and that sweeeeet southern personalty. Thats like saying someone allergic to chocolate should never share a recipe for choclate chip cookies!! Paula shares so many recipes, whether they are from the viewers, her own or her families. Why should she discuss her medical issues with…

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Should Kim Kardashian Take Some Advice From Lindsey Lohan and Stay In This New Year's Eve?

on Dec 30, 2011: I think for Kim the damage is done. I also dont think staying out of the spotlight is her thing...she loves the camera, the attention, and all the glamour she can suck up. Knowing this marriage was a mistake from the beginning, I would have much more respect for her if she cancelled the wedding i…

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Eggs: Not Just for Breakfast Anymore

on Oct 28, 2011: Sometimes I just feel like breakfast food for supper....I will be trying looks yummy! :-) Thanks!!