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Need More Sleep? Enter Our #SleepGiveaway to Get More Rest & Win A Sheet Set or $100 Gift Card!

on Jun 01, 2017: I turn if my computer one hour before bed. Before I go to brush my teeth, I got turn on my electric blanket, so my bed is nice and toasty. Then I brush my teeth and wash my face. In the bedroom, I put on my body lotion and jammies, turn on my sound machine (either waves or white noise) with the…

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90's Sitcom Classic 'Roseanne' Gets a Reboot. Will You Watch?

on May 20, 2017: Um...Dan died in the original series. Or was that part of her dream/fantasy, too?

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Who's Brave Enough To Try the World's Strongest Cup of Coffee?

on Apr 12, 2017: ME! I would drink this! After I got done ricocheting around the room, I'd get a lot of stuff done, I'm sure!