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Post a Favorite Date Idea & Win a Date Night Gift Basket for Two

on Sep 28, 2011: Recently my hubby decided to take me on a surprise date ... we took the twins and their 2 year old brother to Grandma's and hopped into the car for a fun drive about an hour away to a small town where we walked around looking in cute little eclectic shops and just had fun being together. You know …

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Scandal On Sesame Street

on Sep 24, 2010: I think its disgusting! I would NEVER let my young son watch this, I'd rather he had respect for girls and women instead of seeing them as sex objects and YES that is exactly what this kind of inappropriate dress and attitude teaches kids, especially young boys!

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Miley Cyrus Goes From Disney To Sex Symbol

on Jun 28, 2010: I do not agree with the above posts at all. It is a sad thing when a beautiful young girl like Miley feels she must portray herself in such a sleazy way at such a young age. Its definitely a sign of the times we live in , 20 or 30 years ago they would have NEVER shown that on tv. Dressing that way…