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Win a Sofa from Jennifer Furniture

on Jul 18, 2015: Oooh I love the Darcy sofa! We recently moved to a new apartment and our previous one has a few snags in the cushions now after the move. I told my husband I was hoping to buy a new one soon and I love how fluffy those cushions look. So gorgeous!

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Feeling Depressed? You May Want To Stay Away From Your Facebook Feed

on Apr 29, 2015: This is why I try to stay off social media unless I'm engaging as my actual blog. People only share the positive stuff and it makes others feel bad about their own lives. My life is awesome but yeah, it has it's downer moments. I don't fret about it but I can see people who struggle with depressio…

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New 'Unattended Children' Guidelines Released: Is It a Win For Free Range Parents?

on Apr 29, 2015: Yes! By all means let a child walk home. If the child isn't frightened, knows where they are, and where they are going then leave it be. I can't imagine having been this restricted when I was a child.