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Enter the SheSpeaks Dooney & Bourke Giveaway

on Aug 19, 2014: I just checked my purse and I had a wine opener in there, lol!

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Talking About Money Matters

on Feb 05, 2009: Money is probably the close to the # 1 reason why people divorce. You would be crazy NOT to talk about money with your spouse. If we needed to talk to a 3rd party, we both would have no problem with that.

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Birth Of Octuplets Spurs Debate

on Feb 04, 2009: I think the doctor was very unethical. That's what I question more than anything else. Yes, I think the mom is a little whacko for doing that, but if she wants them, that's her deal and not mine. I did hear on CNN that she wasn't receiving all the "free" stuff that mothers of multiples usually…