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Sneaky Household Solutions To Survive a Bad Economy

on Oct 23, 2011: Thanks for all the great tips!

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Facebook Safety and Kids

on Oct 19, 2011: I am 26 and I am so careful on Facebook. All that is listed is my city. I do not list where I work, live or anything like that. I stopped the "where are you" thing that would post with your status saying where you were, like a GPS thing. And I never post on my statuses the direct location of anyth…

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Steve Jobs: Why A Private Man Went Public

on Oct 19, 2011: I am not really planning on reading the book. However I commend him for being huge in this world and being able to keep his private life just that, private. Its hard in this world to do that anymore. However I think he should have sat down and spent time with his kids rather than writing them a bo…