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Do Tasers Have a Place In Schools?

on Feb 26, 2022: Informative Post! Thank you for publishing this post about such an important topic for school safety education. We know that Taser is a Prohibited dangerous weapon for school students, I think school authorities should give punishment to those who bring this weapon in school. Actually, I am also a…

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Your Word of the Year 2022

on Feb 23, 2022: Interesting Post! Thank you for this good post about this new year 2022. It's true that the new year is always special to everyone, we all have some expectations. As a student, I am also set my new year resolution to improve my academic performance and knowledge. Sometimes I am struggling to do m…

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The Best Planners for Your 2022 Goals

on Jan 27, 2022: Amazing Post! Thank you for sharing these excellent tips to set new year goals. I am very happy to read all of this advice to plan for a new year's resolutions. As a final year student of Mathematics, I did some planning to improve my academic performance through online learning. Now I have joined…