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Tis' the Season to be Fashionable

on Jan 27, 2012: I can't bring myself to wear a poncho. I am a child of the seventies and will never go back! LOL! My Mom loved dressing me in ponchos, striped pants and the shag hairdo UUUGGH!!! The boots I love and have a nice collection.

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Frugal Wisdom from my Grandma Esther

on Jan 27, 2012: That's great advice we should all aspire to in this disposable life style we are currently living.

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Campfire Fun

on Jan 27, 2012: We also love to hang out by our fire pit. I have another great treat I learned to make many years ago as a campfire girl. Banana Boats. Place a banana on a piece of tinfoil, large enough to wrap it, slice half way through the banana length wise, stuff with mini marshmallows, mini chocolate chips …