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Sephora Sephora Inside JCPenney

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Is It Safe to Try Before You Buy? Experts Weigh in on the Cleanliness of Sampling Makeup

on Dec 09, 2017: I think the woman probably got herpes from being a hooker. Obviously she didn't purchase anything, and was only there doing her own makeup for free. Sephora does provide little Alcohol that you use to sanitize the spot of any palette or a lipstick. Also, HELLO you can just ask the employees an…

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Should We Consider a Glitter Ban? How the Tiny Sparkles Cause Big Problems

on Dec 09, 2017: Ever since that Giant sea slug whale ate my camera on a "Whale Watch" trip in 1990, I have made it my life duty to hate whales. Now I am going to insist on only buying glitterized make-up ! MUAHAHA! Take that Sea Slugs!

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12 Days of SheSpeaks Day 6: Win a Kiehl's Beauty Package! #thankFULL

on Dec 08, 2017: I am so super thankful that I am a mom of a four happy and healthy Kids! They are absolutely the best possible thing I could ever ask for! When I feel down, they make me laugh just by being themselves! With the oldest at 13 and 6 foot, he is still my baby! My 11 year old daughter thinks she's goin…