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Enter the @SheSpeaksUp #PanteneProtect Giveaway!

on Jun 15, 2017: I love pantene and i find using shampoo more on your head and the conditioner more on your ends effects the quality of the outlook! I love moisturizers and oils to keeo my hair hydrated and looking smooth and shiny. This product helps my hair look more thick and i am in love with the smell.

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Win a $50 Walmart Gift Card in the #Go&GrowatWalmart Giveaway 

on Jun 15, 2017: I always want the best for my child. Time is always a factor with children. As a young single mom I would love to try GO&GROW! I want my baby healthy and strong.

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Need More Sleep? Enter Our #SleepGiveaway to Get More Rest & Win A Sheet Set or $100 Gift Card!

on Jun 15, 2017: To fall asleep it helps best if I have my giant hugging pillow cuddled up next to me:) lol my sheets have to be soft and smell clean. I use a thousand blankets. It helps to make my room colder than usual and I cannot sleep in silence so I keep a fan on and I always keep it pitch black:).