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Win a Year's Supply of Oreo Cookies in the #SheSpeaks #OreoGiveaway!

on Jul 01, 2017: I love Oreos, double stuffed, chocolate dipped , mint, chocolate middle, love all of them but the double stuff are the best and any oreo dipped in milk is heaven!

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Why Your Smartphone Might Be Alienating The One You Love

on Jul 01, 2017: if your with someone you shouldn't be on your phone at all, it's disrespectful to the other person or whom ever your with. it's better to leave it at home or in your car!

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Why the Microwave is Your Friend When it Comes to Cooking Mushrooms

on Jul 01, 2017: I don't use my microwave to cook in, I believe its not good for you that way. I cook my mushrooms with a little butter and sautee on stove top. or add them to a sauce for chicken or with steak! love mushrooms!