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Kaitlyn Bristowe Admits She fell For the 'Ultimate Instagram Fakeout' Dress

on Jun 23, 2020: Well that does not look like the same dress. It looks like two competely different dresses. I have made an order for apparel on instagram but cancelled it so I never had the experience. Doesnt give me the feeling of ordering from instagram photos either. 

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Homemade DIY Lipstick and Lip Balm

on Jun 23, 2020: I have never made my own lipstick but it looks like something I should give a try. I have always been intersted in making my own lipstick and it seems like my wish has just came true. It looks like an easy way to make home made lipstick

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Did This Principal Go Too Far on Prom Night Dress Code?

on Jun 23, 2020: I do believe that there should be a dress code. Sometimes some students go over board when it comes to chosing a dress. Sometimes it can be too short or can be too revealing. Some students still need to remember that prom is a school event and persons should dress appropriately. Asking for each st…