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A Girl and Her Grill

on Jun 24, 2011: As always Chef Erin has great recipes and great tips!!!!1 We love her articles and plan to try these grilling ideas too!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks again Chef Erin!!!

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The End of The Trend?

on Jun 08, 2011: I live in the heartland where mac and cheese and hot meat loaf dinners and country fried steak are still favorites on the menu. There are a lot of little cafes and restaurants here by the Mon river which serve plenty of down home meals for those who care little about watching their waistlines.

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Just for the Halibut!

on Apr 15, 2011: Once again Chef Coopey has give us a tasty recipe foe fish!!!!! Thank you. My husband really loved it as he loves every recipe this gal has ever presented to us. kudos to her!!!!